Friday, 20 April 2012

the weather

well the weather is a pain well thats what i think as trying to fix the car :/ so yeah never mind im inside waiting for the weather to sort its self out so i can finish and i hope its not raining sunday as in wanna go to the car show :D

Thursday, 19 April 2012


well last night was hectic as there was allot of work to be done but im off to school in a mint so i will keep you posted from there


grrrrr some people annoy me soooooo much they just cant leave people alone they cant keep there hands to them selfs and wonder why people want to hurt them..... how stupid can you get


i know people get bored in the world so if you get bored go to my youtube account im putting about 5 videos up a week so yeah if you have any ideas email me on and check out my youtube channel xvideofunx

Just been told off

well once again i have been told off for my political views i support the (BNP) and so dose my mate titch and we are getting told off for talking about them because the "BNP" want to make Britain all British citizens so this is starting to anoy me so i hope no one else brings it up or i will tell them how i feel

in school

at this moment in time in school in ict waiting for the lesson to end i have been told my many teachers that i am getting c's in ict but now im being told im not rip off right ??? well anyways its a good laugh as i know ive done the work i just need to make a fue corrections so once ive done them i will be done compleatly